EL DORADO, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) — The six men involved in the fire that happened at Delek last month are continuing to receive support from the community.

The Delek Fund for Hope group hosted a fundraiser over the weekend to raise money for those burns victims and their families.

Liz Fairris, Senior Administrative Assistant at Delek, says the goal was to raise $!2,000 but they well exceeded their expectations and raised $27,8000 for selling hats, t-shirts and other items.

In addition to the event, Jeff Teague and Karl Malone donated $40,000 for the families. Smackover Motors has pledged $20,000 and one community church has donated $17,000. This doesn’t include the many other businesses and schools that have done fundraisers.

If you would like to purchase any items click here.

There is a Delek Employee Support Fund that anyone can donate to at any First Financial Bank in El Dorado. People can also give to the account Malone and Teague established at Simmons Bank in El Dorado.

The giving keeps on spreading in support of #EDR6, Delek workers injured in fire last month

EL DORADO, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) 03/19/21– It’s been nearly three weeks to the day that six men were severely burned in a fire that happened at the Delek Refinery in El Dorado. Now, five of those men are out of the hospital and are recovering at home.

Kenneth Jerry and James Loe were two of the men that were injured and taken to Arkansas Children’s Hospital on February 27 where they spent nearly two weeks recovering.

“We were told he could lose some of his fingers or all of his finger tips- but God. We were told he will need two surgeries -but God,” Loe’s wife, Gwen, wrote in a Facebook post.

“These beautiful hands that hold me when I’m scared, that held our baby girl when she was sick, that plays get me with the grand babies, that works hard for his family- are coming home intact and whole. After 11 days in the hospital we are going home to complete this long hard road to a full recovery – but God will see us through until the end because He is good and faithful,” Loe’s wife, Gwen, wrote in a Facebook post.

This is Jerry on day two of being at the Little Rock hospital and now look at him day 15.

As the six men spend their days healing, the community has spent their time working to support these families. Jeff Teague and former NBA star Karl Malon joined in on this campaign.

Jeff Teague and Karl Malone

The pair started an account for the victims at Simmons Bank and gave $20,000 each to the fund. Now, they’re urging other banks and businesses to join in on the community-wide effort to help the six men.

“The more money we raise the more money that goes to them,” Malone said.

“We want the whole community to be a part of this,” Teague said. “Those that are able should step in and help others and be a catalyst by which more money could be raised.”

“It’s heartwarming to see such a small community come together and support these six men and their family members and unite as one,” Delek Senior Administrative Assistant, Liz Fairris said.

Decals at Madison Kate and Co. Boutique —
2 for $10/ 1 for $6

So many business have offered assistance. Madison Kate and Co. Boutique in El Dorado is selling #EDR6 decals. Those proceeds will go straight to the families as they try to deal with this unexpected financial burden.

A worker tells KTVE/KARD that people have been coming to the store to purchase the decals in overwhelming numbers.

Community members have also started fundraisers and even schools have joined in on the efforts. One man teamed up with Murphy-Pitard Jewelers, Diamond Nutrition and Southern Threads Boutique. A portion of their proceeds went to towards the overall effort to raise money for the families. In total, the groups collectively were able to raise about $5,000.

Junction City School District is currently holding a raffle for a grill until April 5. Tickets are $5 each.

All of the proceeds will go to burn victim Jordan Hammett who is still recovering in the hospital. His parents are both employees in the school district.

Parkers Chapel School District hosted a fundraiser of its own this week. Mr. Hoover, 4th grade science teacher, has been growing his hair out this year in support of the district’s community fundraiser event.

The top ten students that raised the most money were allowed to cut his hair. The proceeds would go to his charity of choice. He chose to give half of the funds to The Team Corrie Foundation and the other half to burn victims. In 4 days, students at the elementary school and high school raised a total of $6,000.

On Saturday between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., there will be a huge event that will also go towards helping the family financially. Delek Fund for Hope has sponsored t-shirts and hats that will be sold. There will be food, bouncy houses , face painting.

“No admission fee. Just love and support and helping your family man.”

There is a Delek Employee Support Fund that anyone can donate to at any First Financial Bank in El Dorado. Residents can also give to the account Malone and Teague established at Simmons Bank in El Dorado.

A Delek spokesperson released the following statement:

“We are pleased that five of our six colleagues have been released from the hospital to continue their recoveries at home. Delek is Committed to continuing to support the impacted employees and families through this challenging period. Delek is cooperating closely with regulators on the investigation into the cause of the incident.  We do not have a timeline for the completion of the investigation.  In the meantime, safety remains the priority of the employees completing the turnaround of the refinery.”