EUDORA, Ark. (01/07/2020) — The Sunflower grocery store of Eudora is officially closed for business.

The store closed to its customers Tuesday afternoon and emotions are running high for everyone in town.

“It makes me want to cry,” one resident said.

The store is the only grocery store of its kind in the small town.

“Last minute things that you forgot when preparing a meal, you just jump up and go to the grocery store now you have nowhere to run to,” Store Manager, Sona Roddey said.

The people most affected by the closure is the elderly community.

“I’ll have to go to Greenville or Oak Grove, ” Eliza Spencer said.

Both towns are about 20 miles from Eudora. The store has been a go to place for Spencer for over 50 years. She doesn’t know what she or others her age will do now.

“I don’t feel like driving out of town because I’m old and I’ll have to have someone to go with me because I don’t go long places by myself,” Spencer said.

Roddey said there were numerous repairs that needed to be done but not enough money to fix it.

While people grab what’s left from the shelves, residents are hoping another store will fill its place.

“So we need a store here very very bad,” Spencer said.

The store is for sale. The owners are asking for $180,000 for it but the price is negotiable. The current interim mayor has been conversing with other stores including Dollar General.

With the town being a food desert, the main goal is seeing if they’ll be able to add more variety of meats and produces to its store to meet the needs of the community.