EL DORADO, Arkansas (9/9/19) The daily morning announcements at Hugh Goodwin Elementary is now starring a new cast featuring some of its 4th grade students.

“Sometimes kids have a way of listening to kids differently than they do adults,” Library Media Specialist, Sarah Bullard said. ” It’s giving them a chance to actually listen to their peers and maybe grasp on something that they wouldn’t grasp on because they’re listening to their friends.”

The school just returned to broadcasting the student-led announcements this year after a brief lapse.

JaMiyah McMurriaf, Emily Woodward and Will Hickman are three of the large group of students that signed up to be a part of the broadcast earlier this year.

“I thought it would be really cool so I just signed up,” Hickman said.

The students broadcast school updates, recognize student birthdays and achievements. The group, led by Bullard, uses an I-Pad to record the announcements while the students are seated in front of a “green screen”. This allows them to change the background to a news studio.

Retta Brown Elementary School, Washington Middle School and Barton Junior High School broadcast announcements as well.

Woodward, McMurriaf, and Hickman say they’re not interested in journalism right now but the broadcasts are fun for the time being. The best part is being recognized in the hallways by some of their schoolmates, especially the younger kids.

“They’ll walk up to you and say they saw you this morning,” Woodward said. “It’s really cute.”

See the videos below to take a look at their morning newscast.