Sewer line underground needs repair, family claims the city won’t fix it

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STRONG, Arkansas (08/02/19) — A broken sewer pipe underground is causing a family major problems.

Donald Johnson and his grandmother have been living in a trailer home on Concord Road in Strong for 24 years. Half of their time in that home, has been very unpleasant.

“They come out here about 10 years ago to bust a whole in it and flush it out for some reason,” Johnson said. “After that, it’s been flooded over and over.”

Johnson claims in the past three years, he’s seen waste waste overflow into the street. It’s contaminating the roads and attracting bugs that no one would want around their home.

Picture of sewer hole near the corner of Johnson’s driveway

“It is getting the point to where there is maggots in it,” he said. “There’s mosquitoes and bees.”

The sewer line that goes under the road to the man hole is busted. Whenever Johnson and grandmother use the water in their home to wash dishes, wash clothes or use the bathroom, waste water is being pushed out of the hole and onto their driveway.

“It’s a health hazard for us because it’s right by our driveway and we have to breathe it in,” Johnson said.

Mayor Howell says it’s not the city’s issue to resolve. Every home is required to turn their own sewer line from their house to the main line. Johnson claims the city just doesn’t want to handle the task.

“They’re trying to tell us we have to fix it and it’s not our responsibility to do it if it is going under the highway,” he said.

Mayor Howell said he would call a contractor to get a bid on repairs but the family will have to take care of the issue.

The streets and sanitation department leader was not available for questions.

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