Parents react to school employees receiving Covid-19 vaccine

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SOUTH ARKANSAS (KTVE/KARD) 1/15/21– Monday is the day for school employees and others in Phase 1B to get the Covid-19 vaccine in Arkansas but we know not all have chosen to get the shot. We’re hearing from parents about what his could mean when teachers get those vaccinations.

“School teachers have been like superheroes this year. They’ve made so many sacrifices. They are absolutely deserving to be one of the groups that will be receiving the vaccine,” El Dorado School District parent, David Reuhr said.

School districts in Union County have been compiling a list of employees that want the vaccine.

According to the Medical Center of South Arkansas, there are 91 staff members in the Parkers Chapel School District that will get the shot on Monday.

Gammel’s Clinic and Pharmacy in Crossett is working to schedule appointments with school districts in Ashley County.

Reuhr’s three kids have been going to school in-person in the El Dorado School District since the beginning of the year.

He says he’s been following the facts and believes the vaccine could make a difference in the schools.

“The more people that can be safeguarded against the virus in those spaces I would imagine would be a help,” Reuhr said.

But for some parents like Michela Daniel, they are still unsure.

“They should get the shots because they are at the schools but we don’t know if it’s going to work or not,” Daniel said.

Her teenage daughter is a middle school student in the Crossett School District. Right now, there’s not a plan for what schools will look like in August or if they will offer virtual instruction again.

Even though teachers and other employees are getting the vaccine, Daniel says it doesn’t make the classrooms more safe.

“We’ve talked about her going virtual or I’m going to have to put her in homeschool,” she said.

Daniel has at least until August to make up her mind. She first wants to see how the vaccine will affects others before she decides what her child will do in the next school year.

“They are supposed to be making this vaccine so that everyone in the world can go back and be normal and not have to wear masks. I would love to see that but until I do see something improving I’m still kind of iffy about it,” she said.

Reuhr’s wife is a healthcare worker and has already taken the vaccine. Reuhr plans to get it himself.

“To us it’s just kind of adding another to the list of other treatments and preventative measures that our doctors have recommended,” he said.

No matter anyone’s certainty or uncertainty about this virus and the vaccine, we can all agree that we want this one thing “Go away Covid,” Abby and Aiden Reuhr said.

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