Parent alleges son was aggressively reprimanded by a teacher’s aid, demands full investigation by school district

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STRONG, Ark. KTVE/KARD — One mother is demanding answers after she says a teacher’s aid forcefully grabbed her son and yelled in his face, for no reason.

“Getting answers at that Strong Elementary School is just like pulling teeth,” Kashunda Perry said.

The end of the school is nearing the end but that’s not keeping Perry from voicing her concerns. Perry and her 12-year-old son, Joshua, called the Union County Sherrif’s Office on May 17 to file a complaint regarding a paraprofessional at the Gardner-Strong Elementary School.

According to the report, Perry stated that on May 13 her son, Josh, came home from school and informed her that the teacher’s aid grabbed him around his arm and yelled at him in front of staff, students and teachers “causing pain and discomfort with the nails.”

Perry said the alleged incident is in regards to an air pump that Josh brought to school. The ball pump needle was in possession of another student.

As Josh was walking to the office to get a replacement mask, he was stopped by the staff member in the hallway who was already having a conversation with the other student about the air pump and needle.

The report states the other student told the aid that the objects were not his rather Josh’s. The aid asked Josh if he had permission to bring the pump to school and he told her he did.

The aid allowed the boys to return back to the classroom but Perry state’s the aid wasn’t finished talking to Josh.

Perry states her son put his hands on head as he returned back into the hallway and that’s when the aid allegedly grabbed him by his right bicep and began yelling at him threatening to call the police.

“He told me that she said ‘don’t jump at me. I could call the police on you for that,”‘ Perry recalled of the conversation with her son. “After that happened, he said she had his arm for awhile and he stood there and allowed her to yell because he didn’t want to get in trouble,” Perry said.

“When he went back into the classroom this same teacher told the kids that if they had any problems with her, she was right there and that they needed to say whatever they needed to say to her face.”

The alleged behavior happens all of the time, according to Perry.

“This is something this woman does on a daily basis. This something that has been told to me by her son and children,” she said.

Perry met with Superintendent Kimberly Thomas and the teacher to resolve the issue but Perry says the teacher didn’t confess to the actions she was being accused of.

“When we were in the meeting and I was asking her about it she said she never said that. She’s saying it never happened but then she says she didn’t know. She doesn’t remember. It’s either one way or the other either. You know or you don’t know,” Perry said.

Perry claims she was never notified by any teachers or staff members at the school about her the incident involving her child though several teachers were aware of what happened.

We reached out to the district and the superintendent provided a statement saying “the district is aware of the allegations and is thoroughly investigating the incident. All inappropriate actions will be taken based on the findings.”

Perry says she wants a full investigation and transparency because the district has a history of sweeping things under the rug.

“My son was cyber bullied last year and it was very bad. I didn’t find out until a month into it happening. They knew about the cyber bullying because several teachers asked my son about it,” she said.

“I’m not just speaking up for my child. I’m speaking up for everybody’s child. No child should have to endure that.”

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