One employee in the Camden Fairview School District has tested positive for the coronavirus, between 5-7 others sent home to quarantine

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CAMDEN, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) — Arkansas schools have been in session for one week and at least one employee has tested positive for the coronavirus and others have been sent home to quarantine.

According to the Camden Fairview School District, an employee at the middle school took a Covid-19 test Tuesday after experiencing symptoms. The test came back Friday and the district was notified Saturday of that positive result.

School Superintendent, Fred Lilly, said a cleaning crew was sent out to disinfect known areas the employee may have touched.

“I was shocked that it happened this early,” Jasmine Moore, a parent whose two daughters attend Camden Fairview Middle School said. “I actually said I would give it a month or two.”

Between 5-7 employees are believed to have had contact with this employee according to Lilly. They are awaiting test results and are home quarantining. No students are believed to have had contact with any of these employees.

With the rising cases of the virus in the state, Lilly doesn’t think staff in his district or any other school campus is exempt from contracting Covid-19 but he is doing what he can to try and prevent it from becoming a spread on campuses.

“It’s a difficult time. We’re on unchartered waters,” he said. “We’re just trying to do the best we can. We’re following the state department and the governor of Arkansas.”

The initial news of this positive case caused panic in some parents like Moore but this single working mother says it was bound to happen.

“Any parent is going to panic but I made that choice and I have to prepare myself for it,” she said.

Approximately 53 percent of parents and students in the district opted for virtual learning from which reduces the number of students in the classroom and eases some of parents worries.

Moore’s daughter said the most students she has seen in her classroom this year is 10 students with the least being three students and the desks are spread out to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Students, teachers and faculty are also required to wear masks. Despite this case and possible other cases to arise in the future, other single parents also plan to keep their child in school.

“We can’t be at home and make sure our kids are doing the virtual learning working full-time,” Nikki Cross said. “Stay out of everybody’s space. Use your sanitizer and try to just do your thing because it can happen to any of us. Anybody can get it.”

The CFSD has issued protocol to be followed by students and staff when returning to work/school.

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