No late fees or shut-offs for El Dorado Water Utilities customers

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EL DORADO, Ark. (03/25/20) — El Dorado Water Utilities is providing relief to its customers as long as the Coronavirus is impacting people’s lives.

They will not be shutting anyone’s water off nor will they be collecting late fees at this time.

“We knew we had to close our office down and it was going to make it harder for people to pay their bills so we’re just trying to work with everyone to the best of our ability and keep everyone with water.”

This relief was originally set for 30 days but Peppers said if this virus continues to wreak havoc on the community they are more than willing to extend the grace period.

“We want residents to know that they can still pay their bills but we don’t want them to worry about shut-offs or disconnects,” Mayor Voernica Smith-Creer said. “A lot of people have been laid off and aren’t sure about employment so we want to be able to ease their minds.”

On April 1, customers were supposed to see a 7 percent rate increase on their water bill but Mayor Smith-Creer said that has been tabled until further notice.

Peppers also doesn’t expect there to be a water shortage.

“We have plenty of clean water,” he said. “I can supply about three times what we use in a day so there’s no fears whatsoever of water shortage.”

There have been three people in Union County who have tested positive for COVID-19. Mayor Veronica Smith-Creer met with city and local officials today to make sure they were all on the same page.

“We want to keep with what the governor is saying as far as the shelter in place and the stay at home orders,” she said. “We all felt like we’re proceeding as we should as far as encouraging all of our citizens to stay in.”

She’s encouraging the community to pray for one another as well those who lead and make decisions.

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