Multiple reports of vehicle windows being shot into, police believe juveniles are to blame

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CAMDEN, Ark. (12/16/19) — There have been several reports at a Camden apartment complex of car windows being shot into. Police believe juveniles are the culprits.

“Sunday evening about 8 o’clock is when I realized my window was busted,” Fred Flannigan said.

Flannigan is a resident in the Jefferson Terrace Apartments and has been for about three years. Since he and his wife have been living there, they’ve never had any problems, until recently.

They say their quiet neighborhood went from a peaceful place overnight to an area where teenagers get into mischief.

“When I went and talked to the leasing office about seeing what happened they mentioned that several other cars had been vandalized in the neighborhood,” he said.

The Camden Police Department has received calls from tenants other than Flannigan of their vehicle windows being shattered. The most recent being reported over the weekend.

According to a police report, a tenant walked outside his apartment around noon on Christmas Eve and found his rear window shattered but nothing being taken.

Officer Jake Perry responded to the call and noticed shattered glass inside the vehicle’s back seats and on top of the trunk.

Officer Perry said he was unable to determine was what used to break the window. There were no rocks near or inside the vehicle. However, he does believe “the suspect is using a BB gun of some sort.” Police believe the juveniles were shooting the bb guns, not knowing where their target was.

There is a playground across the roadway from Flannigan and the other tenant’s whose vehicle windows were shot into. Police believe the juveniles are shooting from there.

“The park is there for the kids for them to get out there and play basketball or walk around,” he said. “You have one in every bunch that does things that shouldn’t be done.”

Residents believe the culprits are juveniles that live outside of the complex. Many attested to how safe the property is and how the property manager is always solving their concerns.

“I don’t have any trouble here in this neighborhood and I don’t have any trouble with the adults,” Flannigan said. “Anytime I’ve asked the landlord about a situation or concern, without hesitation he was right on it.”

Those affected are looking to their insurance companies on getting their vehicles repaired.

Flannigan doesn’t mind paying for another window but what he can’t afford is the consequences for someone else’s behavior. The last thing anyone wants to see is one of the kids getting hurt because they’re just playing around.

“If they have a toy gun and they pull it on the wrong person, the wrong person isn’t going to stop and think that it’s a toy gun,” Flannigan said. “It could turn ugly real fast. We don’t need that and we don’t want that.”

He advises parents to know what their kids are doing at all times.

“This is just the beginning,” he said. “This will lead to worse things and the worse things you get yourself involved with causes yourself bigger consequences.”

Though everyone says the apartment complex isn’t at fault, the owner is taking swift action. He said he plans to put up surveillance cameras around the property to ensure the safety of everyone and their property.

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