MCSA acquires new equipment for rehab therapy, hopes it will take patient’s recovery to the next level

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EL DORADO, Ark. (12/9/19) — Medical Center of South Arkansas Inpatient Rehab has acquired two new pieces of state of the art therapy equipment for patients recovering from accident or illness.

The rehab department uses weights, stair steppers, parallel bars and others equipment to help strengthen and patient’s upper and lower body strength. Physical therapists believe the two new functional stimulation equipment tools will be the keys to a faster recovery.

“Before we haven’t always had the ability to to be able to perform some of the therapy tasks that we are now with this equipment,” Director of Inpatient Rehab, Shelby Cater said.

According to MCSA, this new equipment will be used as the standard of care in rehabilitation therapy for many neurological conditions such as spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and brain injury.

The advanced integrated functional electrical stimulation technology works by sending targeted stimulation to arm, core and leg muscle groups with 6 to 12 integrated and coordinated channels of stimulation intended to improve weakness by re-building or conditioning muscles to regain or maintain functionality

Electrodes are placed on the weak muscles to retrain them to function properly. The machine help them perform the specific task even if they’re not able to do it themselves.

“Whenever this leg goes up it should be stimulating your leg to move it forward,” Director of Therapy Services, Amber Steele. “It’s re-educating your muscles right now to do what it used to do.”

Therapists were in the room to help instruct us on how it works. The repetitive movements help strengthen the arms, core and leg muscles. It also improves muscle tone and muscle spasticity. “Push forward, grab, pull it back and drop it,” one therapist instructed.

“Oh, I feel it pushing me forward,” Cater said as she was going through the movements.

Instead of just feeling the pressure from the repetitive movements, patients get to watch their progress happening right in front of the them on the screen.

It shows patient’s their progress and also gives them hope.

“Just seeing themselves complete the task is huge for them because they have that feeling of accomplishment,” Cater said.

If you someone you love can benefit from the equipment you can apply to participate in inpatient rehab. Please call the referral line at 870-863-2588.

The hospital also does a free complimentary evaluation where they will go to the patient’s home to evaluate them to see if they qualify for the service.

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