Magnolia Police Chief is recovering after accidentally being shot by another officer

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MAGNOLIA, Ark. (02/12/20) — Magnolia Police Chief Todd Dew is thankful to be alive after he was shot in the back accidentally by another officer.

According to a statement by Deputy Prosecuter Ryan Phillips and Magnolia Police Department’s Captain Michael Caldwell, the chief suffered a single gunshot wound to his back while serving an arrest warrant at County Road 78.

The MPD and Columbia County Sheriff’s Department were cooperating in attempt to apprehend Craig Cannon, who was wanted for absconding from his probation, as well as additional felony offenses in conjunction with fleeing from law enforcement Monday evening.

Craig Cannon, 33

Local law encorcement received information that Cannon was present at the residence located on Columbia Road 78. They went to the residence at approximately 8:15 a.m. to serve the warrant.

Upon entering the home, an officer’s gun accidentally discharged, striking Chief Todd Dew. Chief Dew was wearing his bullet proof vest, which absorbed the bullet. He was then transported to the Magnolia Regional Medical Center for observation and treatment, and was later released.

Chief Dew told NBC10/FOX14 that he has some deep bruising.

“Accidents can happen no matter what kind of training you have,” he said. “Wear your life proof vests because that’s what saved my life.”

He’s expected to return back to work soon. The officer whose gun accidentally discharged has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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