(KTVE/KARD) — The teen allegedly accused of raping and stabbing a woman inside her home in North Crossett has yet to be identified but new details are emerging in the investigation.

The alleged attack happened Saturday night in a trailer home off AR-52. The incident has disturbed some residents in the Ashley County community.

“I never knew someone would do something like that especially in Crossett, pushing and stabbing someone in their home,” Chelsei Peoples said. “It’s sad that a 17-year-old minor would actually do that to a 40-year-old woman. It’s unreal to be true to hear about a sad story like this.”

Tad Huntsman, an investigator with the Ashley County Sheriff’s Department, says the attack happened around 8 p.m. on January 29.

The teen suspect allegedly forced the 46-year-old woman inside her home, raped her, stabbed her in the chest and cut her throat.

Huntsman says a witness heard the screams, kicked the back door in and called 911. Both the victim and suspect immediately left the scene.

The teen suspect fled into a wooded area behind the trailer and the victim ran to her mother’s house for help. An ambulance transported her from there to the hospital.

“He kicked the door in and the victim saw an opportunity to leave,” Huntsman said. “At that point she was so distraught. She just got of the area.”

Huntsman and other investigators haven’t yet spoken with the teen but he allegedly showed up to the hospital Sunday morning, hours after the attack claiming a story of his own.

“He walked into the hospital and said he needed a rape kit done,” Huntsman. “He said he had consensual sex the night before and wanted it to be known that way he could get it on record.”

Hunstman briefly interviewed the victim Monday and she says the interaction was not consensual and that the teen forced himself into her home then forced her to have sex with him.

“She’s still in ICU. My first encounter with her was initially when this happened. At the time, I was concerned with the fact that I didn’t know if she was going to make it out alive. I hope to get a more thorough interview with her at some point,” Huntsman said.

Currently, investigators don’t have any evidence proving the interaction was consensual. Huntsman says the teen has been living in and around the Bastrop-Monroe area and has lived in Crossett but for a brief period.

Huntsman believes the teen attended school in the Crossett School District for a short time but couldn’t confirm.

“I’ve been an officer for ten plus years and this is brutal. It really is. This doesn’t just happen everyday in South Arkansas,” he said.

The teen is currently being held at a facility in Texarkana because of his age. The incident is still be investigated by the Ashley County Sheriff’s Department. Paperwork still hadn’t been filed Monday evening legally claiming the teen as an adult in this case.

Louisiana teen facing multiple charges after allegedly raping an Ashley County woman

NORTH CROSSETT, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) — An Ashley County woman is recovering after being sexually assaulted and beaten in her home over the weekend.

According to investigators with the sheriff’s office, the 17-year-old juvenile from Louisiana is facing rape, residential burglary and first degree battery charges for the alleged attack.

She told investigators she was home alone when the incident happened Saturday evening. The teen allegedly knocked on her door and pushed her inside her home. He then allegedly cut her throat, stabbed her in the chest and raped her before leaving.

According to investigators, she was able to walk down the street after the assault to have someone call for help. She was then taken to the Ashley County Medical Center for treatment.

The teen suspect was later arrested in Crossett on Sunday.

Investigators interviewed the victim after the attack and again on Monday afternoon. She says she didn’t know the suspect.

They have not interviewed the suspect yet to determine why he was in Ashley County and to learn a motive for the assault.

Investigators say they couldn’t interview him over the weekend because of his age and due to a parent not being present.

The teen had his first appearance hearing Monday morning in Arkansas City and is charged as an adult. His bond was set at $200,000.

The prosecuting attorney’s office has not released the suspect’s name. According to Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Frank Spain, the paperwork to certify him as an adult had not been filed.