LOOKING FOR WORK?: Mulekick at MAD will host a job fair this weekend for openings at its venue

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EL DORADO, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) 7/14/21 — New life is being brought back to one venue space and that means more jobs and opportunities for those living in El Dorado and surrounding communities.

Mulekick, originated in Magnolia, will open in the fall and take the place of The Griffin Restaurant at the Murphy Arts District.

“One of the fun things is that it’s not just a restaurant,” Christy Ouei, owner of Mulekick said.

“I think that’s what makes us a really good fit. We are a venue. We are a hangout. We are a taproom. We are a coffee shop. We are what you need us to be at the time.”

Construction is underway at the new El Dorado location.

Mulekick is knowns for it’s pizzas, wings, salads and laid-back vibes and atmosphere but Ouei hopes it will be known for more than just that.

“Coming over here we have a state of the art cooking facility so we can expand the menu to whatever we want to. There’s a huge grill so there will be some grilled things,” Ouei said.

Until opening day and even thereafter, Mulekick wil be working concerts and events for the Murphy Arts District.

The job requires more hands than what Ouei can handle on her own. That’s why she’s looking to hire about 70 employees to join their event staff.

“We’re talking folks that can run a point of sale, bar backs, concession stand workers, cooks, people who run between all of those places,” she said.

“I want to overstaff it to make sure that we are ready for a lot of the people that may be coming in for the Avett Brothers that are coming to the amphitheater. From the ticket purchases, over half of them have never been to El Dorado before and I want that initial experience to be one of customer experience.”

At the Magnolia location, the business is seated just near the university’s campus and employs many students who attend the college.

“The what we do is secondary to why we do it. The why we do it is to be engrained in the community. In Magnolia, it’s very much to take college students from just being college students to college students working in a real world work environment,” Ouei said.

“We are structured so that they will be ready to go to a Fortune 500 company and know the infrastructure of that.”

Ouei is hoping to have that same impact on students at the South Arkansas Community College and other members of the community.

She has already been talking to President Bentley Wallace and other officials at the college who have agreed to a partnership.

“I want to be able to offer internships through that program and not only that but supply chain management and some other things. Geographic location, we are right here. There’s no point we can’t do that,” she said.

“They are also offering continuing education for my staff and I can tailor it how I need it.”

Whether you’re looking for extra cash or are interested in the culinary and entertainment industry, Ouei wants to provide a memorable experience for her customers and employees.

“When we started Mulekick we knew the only way customers were going to have a good experience was if our staff had a good experience and those are my initial customers,” Ouei said.

“It’s important to me for them to do whatever self development that they are interested in for themselves and be as flexible as we can and supportive as we can and be a great place to work where they can enjoy coming.”

Mulekick will host a job fair this Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m at the Murphy Arts District. Click this link for more information on how you can apply now.

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