Library tower garden is growing more than just plants

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EL DORADO, Ark. (10/9/18) — The library at Yocum Primary School has become more than just a place to read, taking a different approach to making the literacy hub more than just about books.

Library Media Specialist, Brooke Sneed, purchased a tower garden through her library fund to provide the kids with a hands-on project.

The indoor spectacle has created a buzz around the school since being planted in the library on Monday. Sneed said most students are in awe.

“They were just blown away that we had food here that you could just take off of this tower to eat,” Sneed said.

The garden includes dill, parsley, celery, arugula, cabbage, sugar snap peas, broccoli and other types of vegetables.

According to Tower Garden, this method of growing plants is easier and faster compared to the typical outside gardening.

The tower has lights and a pump to deliver oxygen, water and nutrients to the plants. It doesn’t use soil and it’s something that can be taken anywhere in the school, giving students a taste of what it’s like to see just how foods they eat actually grow.

“You get to see how the plants grow and develop from when they start as a seed to when they grow into a plant,” student at Yocum Primary, Justin Obizo said.

The garden is a way to show students the real process of how produce finds it way to the store and it’s also a lesson that can be taught all year round.

“It has the lights and all the things it needs to help it grow whereas in the winter,” Sneed said. “It’s cold wet and not always good for growing and watching things grow.”

The library is growing more than just plants. Sneed says it’s growing student’s minds.

“I have some books and things that I planned on reading to the students to about plants, where they come from and how things grow in fall, winter, spring and summer,” Sneed said.

She hopes this will also teach the student’s life skills. Once the vegetables are ready to pick, the students will be able to take them home to eat and show their family.

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