Kids’Youth Activity contest engages the youth and brings families together during the pandemic

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EL DORADO, Ark. (04/8/20) — A man has organized a youth activity contest to break kids kids from boredom while they’re at home during the pandemic.

Markeith Cook is the leader organizer of the contest although he received the idea from a local business owner, Barbara Breggs. She also gave the first donation.

“I was visiting with Barbara Breggs and we were visiting about something really quick,” he said. “We were talking about the kids not having anything to do.”

That’s when Breggs, Chief Executive Officer of BL Breggs and Associates, suggested he run a contest and she gave him $25 as a donation.

Since then, the community has supported the efforts and more than $300 has been raised to award winners of the contests.

Last week, the kids were asked to do a home improvement project. Their parents had to post the pictures on Cook’s Facebook page for people to vote for the winner. There were three entries.

“This was an opportunity for you to do something fun or do something for someone,” Cook said.

Cheston Honeycutt, 11, won the contest after he built a dog house for one of his friends.

One young girl made a small pocket purse while the other made breakfast.

“The first one was just to really encourage the kids to get off the couch, get off of the cell phone and do something productive during that day,” Cook said.

Honeycutt’s mother, Rebecca Neal, said her contest gave her son motivation to try new things that he doesn’t normally wouldn’t try. Plus, he has taken more interest in building things.

“This is an amazing thing for them to do to get kids up and doing activities besides sitting on electronics,” she said.

This week, kids were asked to do a science project. Participation hasn’t been what Cook expected but he know this is something that has helped the community.

“The ones that did participate. They said they enjoyed doing it,” he said. “It gave them something to do as a family. It’s always good to be able to do something positive with all of this.”

Cook said he’ll probably have the kids make face masks for the next contest. They are open for any school aged child in Union County that would like to participate.

If you would like to make a donation to keep the contests going you can reach out Cook at 870-814-8382. If you’re interested in participating you can add him as a friend on Facebook.

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