Family and Police urging the public to watch “In Pursuit with John Walsh” segment on fugitive Jory Worthen

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CAMDEN, Ark. (01/22/19) — The local story of a Camden mother and son will air on national television tonight, in hopes that this case will soon come to an end.

Tonight’s episode of IN PURSUIT WITH JOHN WALSH, will air at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery. It will feature a segment on fugitive Jory Worthen.

“This is a big deal for the show to have picked our story up,” Public Information Officer for the Camden Police Department, Dana Wetherbee said.

It’s been seven months since the murders of Alyssa Cannon and her son Braydon Ponder. Their story has rocked South Arkansas and soon it will reach the nation.

There will not be any scenes reenacting the violent murder though the segment will air never before seen videos, images and information that officials are urging everyone watch.

“We are really wanting people to pay attention and watch and just take it all in because maybe you didn’t realize that you do know something,” Wetherbee said.

The family is also urging the public to do the same, hoping anyone can help put an end to this case.

“It takes one person to recognize him no matter where he’s at or where he’s hiding,” Angie Lewis, Braydon’s GiGi said. “People see him and they’re not realizing it.”

Caitlyn Turner is Braydon’s step-mother. This has taken a toll on her and Braydon’s dad since the day it happened. The couples kept Braydon every weekend but that weekend Alyssa kept him.

Since the murders, the family has had to do a lot of adjusting that they never thought would happen.

“It feels empty because we’re used to having him,” Turner said. “There’s a part of us that’s not there anymore. We’re used to having Braydon and his brother playing, screaming and yelling.”

Family members say Braydon’s two-year-old brother acts and looks just like him. Not having him around is devastating and the thought of this case still being open is another heartbreak.

“It’s still hard to believe that Jory hasn’t been found,” Turner said.

Alyssa and Braydon have had milestone birthday since their brutal murders. Alyssa would’ve turned 21 last August. Family members and friends gathered earlier this month to celebrate what would’ve been Braydon’s 5th birthday.

The little brother and many cousins Braydon leaves behind now plays with him at his gravesite.

“We go to a cemetery now to visit Braydon and Alyssa and keep it clean and keep it up and have a play area on top of his grave to have his brother and cousins to play with him,” Lewis said. “That’s one of the hardest things is to watch that. “It’s not right at all.”

Though Turner and Lewis hope someone will call the tip line number tonight, they’re also hoping someone will also be inspired by this story.

“I wish people would take this as an example and know the signs so that this doesn’t happen to another family,” Turner said. “This is something I don’t wish on anybody.”

“In Pursuit with John Walsh” to air segment on fugitive Jory Worthen

(PRESS RELEASE) — Tomorrow’s episode of IN PURSUIT WITH JOHN WALSH, airing on Wednesday, January 22 at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery, will feature a segment on fugitive Jory Worthen.

When the bodies of Alyssa Cannon and her 4-year-old son, Braydon, are found murdered in Cannon’s home in Camden, Ark., police wonder if her on-again-off-again boyfriend Jory Worthen had any involvement. Reports of long-term domestic abuse clash with claims from family that Worthen had been mending his ways – but when Worthen vanishes, he becomes suspect number one. He remains on the run, but with the help of John Walsh, authorities hope to bring him into custody to face the music.

Worthen has been on the run since June 2019. Authorities believe he may be hiding in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, or Canada. He also has ties to Texas. Worthen has several large and distinctive tattoos. Including one on his right forearm reading Matthew 7:6 and a skull with wings on his chest. He’s an avid outdoorsman, likes to drink beer, listen to heavy metal and rap music. He’s about 6’2” and around 160 pounds.

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