HAMBURG, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) — A woman’s death on New Year’s Eve has still been ruled undetermined by the Hamburg Police Department. Her family says they need helping finding out what happened to her.

“Who was the last person she was with. How would she leave her stuff unattended? It just doesn’t seem right,” the victim’s daughter, Lamiracle Barnett said. “It just doesn’t seem right.”

According to the Hamburg Police Department, they received a call around 1:45 p.m. on Thursday December 31st from a passerby who saw a woman lying in the ditch on McDonald Road which is near the Ashley County Sheriff’s Office.

That woman was identified as Solanda Barnett, 43, of Hamburg. Lamiracle says she was at work when she received the news about her mother.

“Everything around me was just moving too fast. I think I went into a panic attack,” she said.

Sandra Martin, Barnett’s mother, last saw her daughter Wednesday night around 10 p.m. At the time, Solanda was home with a friend.

The next morning, Martin drove to Barnett’s home so they could all drive to Crossett to take Lamiracle to work, which is their normal routine, according to Martin.

Martin says she waited outside and honked the horn alerting Barnett to come out but she never came to the door. Martin then went inside the home but Barnett was nowhere to be found.

“She wasn’t in the bed. Things were left out that she normally doesn’t leave out and her phone was there. She doesn’t normally leave her phone,” Martin said.

Solanda Barnett

She continued with her morning and drove her granddaughter, LaMiracle, to Crossett for work. When Martin returned to Hamburg, she went back to Barnett’s house. She still wasn’t there.

Martin says she then went to Barnett’s son’s home asking if he knew where she was.

“He thought she was the in the room and she wasn’t,” Martin said. “He couldn’t answer me to where she was or where she went to or if anyone picked her up or not. He didn’t know.”

Hours later is when Martin and Barnett would get news they weren’t expecting. The daughter and mother they knew and loved was found but not alive.

Now, weeks after her death they’re asking the public to help them piece together what happened to her.

“If this was your mom or you dad, you would push the issue,” Barnett’s daughter, LaMiracle said.

Hamburg Police Department has asked the Arkansas State Police to help with this case. The cause of death is undetermined though Chief Oliver says there were no visible wounds found on her body.

Barnett’s mother believes there is something more to this case than what the eyes can see.

“She loved living. She loved life. She loved her family,” Martin said. “She just had a grandbaby. She just said how she was going to help do for this baby and how much she loved me and loved this family and this was just days before this happened.”

Barnett is known to walk across the neighborhood but Martin says where her daughter was found is not an area where Barnett walks through. Her body was found on a lonely road just near an abandoned home.

Martin also says Barnett had previous issues involving drugs but she’s certain her daughter’s death is no accident.

“I really think somebody did something to her but if it was an overdose someone gave it to her. She knew her limits and she would never take over limit. I will never believe that,” Martin said.

Investigators are still awaiting on autopsy and toxicology reports from the Arkansas State Crime Lab. Chief Oliver says that could take another few weeks.

In the meantime, he says if someone is involved in Barnett’s death, he needs the public to come forward with any information about what they saw or what they heard.

“I wish I knew. I want to know and I’m going to know. If it has to be two years from now, I want to know what happened to my mama,” LaMiracle said.

The family says Barnett was wearing a black jacket when she was found. If anyone believes they saw her on New Year’s Eve contact the Hamburg Police Department at 870-853-5300.