HAMBURG, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) 02/19/21 — Instead of playing video games or making snowmen and out enjoying the snow, a group of teens in Hamburg are spending their snow days helping their community.

Keishun Best, Rahmir Baldwin, Larry Page, Jaden Harrington, Aaron Brown

Brandon Kelley, Student Resource Officer for the Hamburg School District, was on patrol February 18th and came across 5 students that were giving their time to assist those who were stuck or snowed in. The pictures below show the teens pulling a vehicle out of the snow.

“These students could have been out enjoying the snow or staying inside where it was warm. Instead they chose to come out and help their community with whatever needed to be done,” Officer Kelley said.

“That is the kind of students we have in the Hamburg School District. They always show random acts of kindness and are always thinking of others first.”

LaTisha Williams has been snowed in since Saturday and hasn’t left her house since. The “Snow Patrol,” affectionetly known as “Respectful Princes” to Williams, went shopping for her this week on their four wheelers and dropped the groceries off at her house.

“These young men are truly a blessing. If it hadn’t been for them, I would not have been able to get the things needed to hold me over until the snow melts,” Williams said. “I would like to shout out their parents for not only raising respectable, caring teenagers but also for allowing them to assist us in our time of need.”