Hamburg School District staff hit the streets to deliver meals and parade through students’ neighborhoods

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HAMBURG, Ark. (04/15/20) — The coronavirus may be keeping kids out of school but it’s not keeping the kids away from seeing their students’ smiling faces.

“We miss our kids and our kids miss us. They need to our faces,” Instructional Facilitator, Kendra Galloway said. “Parents need to see our faces so they know we love them and we care about them.”

Teachers and faculty decked out their cars and hit the streets to deliver meals and parade through the neighborhoods.

They even rolled through the areas outside of town where students live. Even though they couldn’t physically touch one another, students and teachers said it was such a special moment.

“It was so exciting,” Maddie Booker said.

Maddie stood at the doorway with her brother Jordan. Both were anxiously awaiting for the parade of teachers and staff to arrive.

As Maddie saw the yellow bus and vehicles down the street from her home, she pointed at a familiar face in the line up, screaming “my favorite.” That bright smile waving back at her was one of her teachers.

Hamburg School District Superintendent, Tracy Streeter, said they have been serving students meals but knew that they had to meet other needs to really help the students.

“We thought we couldn’t expect children to learn under these circumstances and this environment unless their basic needs are met,” she said. “A persons basic needs include food water and shelter. Under the kids’ model is says food, water, shelter and touch.”

The children are used to giving and receiving high-five’s, hugs and handshakes from their teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria staff and other personnel. The distant interaction was different but still as equally as important.

“They’re wanting that connection,” Galloway said.

Although there have been major changes throughout this pandemic, the district’s motto “Choose Love” is something they say they will always practice.

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