Hamburg receives grant funding to make improvements to water system

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HAMBURG, Ark. (09/30/19) — The small town of Hamburg was recently awarded a federal grant to make improvements to the water systems.

The town will receive a $630,000 loan and a $1,201,000 grant to extend the water system to new users and make improvements to the city water system.

It’s been 19 years since the last update to the system but not reaped the benefits of those improvements.

“We did 120 miles. Now this is going to be where there were areas that got left off,” Public Works Director, Jimmy Hargis said.

With this grant, they hope to extend the water system to rural areas that operate on their own private wells. The goal is to ensure that everyone can have water at all times.

“Being in the rural areas, you have trees and you know what happens when trees fall on power lines.,” Hargis said. “So, when there is a storm people lose electricity which means they lose power to their wells which means they don’t have water.”

The city has been meeting with residents to assess their interest in being added to the system. Many have expressed an interest while there have been just a few in other areas.

“If there’s not enough interest or not enough people then it may not be feasible to go there,” Hargis said.

If your area would like to be added to the city’s water system contact the Hamburg City Hall at 870-853-5300.

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