Georgia Pacific paper mill works to meet customer demands during coronavirus panic

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CROSSETT, Ark. (03/18/20) — Coronavirus panic has cleared the shelves of cleaning supplies and paper towel and tissue paper products. Across Georgia-Pacific and at the Crossett mill, employees have been working to meet customer demands.

“We are working daily,” Public Affairs Manager, Jennifer King said. “Our trucks are still running. There are no problems with our truck inventory or our truck drivers and they are still running 24/7 as well.”

G.P. announced plans earlier this year so invest 37 million dollars into the Crossett mill. The investment will go towards infrastructure, information technology and production line improvements that would put the mill in a strategic position to be highly competitive in the marketplace.

Since the announcement in January, the mill has already seen upgrades to its machines which has helped get their products out.

“It’s helped us with our stability so that we can make quality product even faster,” King said. “We have ramped up production 120 percent in the last two weeks.”

The mill produces Angel Soft and Quilted Northern tissue paper and Sparkle paper towel.

Brookshire’s Store Director in Crossett, Napoleon Brown, said he’s seen customers buying items in bulk. That’s why their store and other stores have had to limit the number of items being bought per household.

“We have to play things by ear because we own very limited grocery trucks and we don’t know when they come or what’s on them that’s why the limits have been set in place,” Brown said.

King said their products are shipped all across the country so stores in Crossett or even in the state aren’t necessarily the first ones to receive products.

“We address production across the larger footprint to supply our customers with our products,” she said.

Throughout this pandemic, King said the mill will continue to meet customer demand as quickly as possible.

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