Fayrays restaurant owner is looking to make changes of his own when his business reopens

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EL DORADO, Ark., (04/24/20) — Governor Asa Hutchinson will decide next week if restrictions will be lifted on restaurants in the state. The owner of Fayrays in El Dorado says he already plans on making some decisions of his own.

While there is still uncertainty amid this pandemic, Michael Rice is hoping that restaurants will be able to open the dining area to the public.

“With the numbers not being as they are in Union County and if everyone follows the precautions I think it can work,” he said.

His restaurant has been seeing the effects of this virus since late February. He’s waiting on the Governor Hutchinson to announce a plane for restaurants but he’s thought of some preventative measures of his own that he plans to implement.

“I’m going to have to have limited seating because I don’t want people to feel crowded,” he said.

He plans on working with his vendor to think of other ways to keep employees and his staff safe. However, he doesn’t know if any of that will be enough for customers to dine in.

“I don’t know what our customer is going to feel. It’s going to be interesting to see if people are ready to come back in a restaurant,” Rice said.

If they don’t plan on dining in, he said he’s already working on a backup plan.

“Something we’re going to do in the future is develop some family style dining pickup ideas down the road,” he said.

Governor Asas Hutchinson will make his decision on whether or not to lift restrictions on April 29.

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