EL DORADO, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) — New this year, parents in the El Dorado School District won’t have to worry about meals for their kids during the first week of winter break.

“We have been stockpiling meals to be able to provide at least five meals that sign up with the district,” Child Nutrition Director, Kim Newman said. “Schools provide more than just an education to students. We want to continue that support even when they are at home.”

Although the meals will last five days, it will really make a difference for those parents who may be struggling during this pandemic.

We’ve already seen food pantries across Union County that have had to ramp up their food supply because of this growing need for food.

Students can expect breakfast meals plus five days worth of frozen lunches which will be different each day. The meals are common to what is served at school which will be healthy and filling.

“We packaged up meat loaf with mashed potatoes and cheese. We’re doing cheese burgers. We have corn dogs. We have some lasagna going on and chicken spaghetti,” Newman said. “So its all the homestyle meals that students are used to encountering when they come to school.”

In addition to those meals, parents will have a chance to grab some items for themselves.

“It’ll be items that you typically see around Christmas and usually buy at your grocery store and we will just have them there for parents to pick up, whatever pieces parts they want to have in their home over the Christmas break,” she said.

To fill out the form you can visit this link: Christmas Break Meal Order Form (google.com)