El Dorado Mayor and MystiQ Entertainment owner partner for Christmas bike giveaway

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EL DORADO, Ark. (12/16/19) — Some parents in Union County can now mark one thing off of their Christmas list for their kids and that’s a bicycle.

Mayor Veronica Smith-Creer and Terry Davis collaborated for their first Christmas Bike Giveaway. Davis had the inital idea.

“He called me on my birthday and mentioned he wanted to give away some bikes,” Mayor Smith-Creer said.

That’s when the partnership began. With help from Brittney Hicks at Wal-Mart and community members, in just a matter of days enough money was collected to give away 25 bikes.

Imitially, Davis suggested the pair give away 23 bicycles in honor of the number he wore while playing football at El Dorado High School.

“23 was good for me because two plus three equals five,” Mayor Smith-Creer said. “So, with Christmas being on the 25th we came up with 25.”

Mayor Smith-Creer and Davis met at Wal Mart on Sunday morning and posted a live video on Facebook announcing the giveaway though not everyone would be eligible to receive a bike for their child.

There were certain guidelines. Those receiving the bike had to be a single parent with two or more children. They also had to be a Union County resident and had to be able to pick up the bike or have someone pick it up for them.

Several parents were able to benefit from the giveaway that gifted their children with a Christmas gift they didn’t have to purchase.

“Everybody’s not in a position to do what they want to do for their children and that’s no disrespect to anybody all of us go through things,” Mayor Smith-Creer said. “If you’re in a position to give, give to somebody and make sure they can give their children a wonderful Christmas just like you can.”

With Christmas just two weeks away and money a little tight for some, many of the parents said the bicycle giveaway was a perfect way to help their families during the holiday season.

“Recently, I just started working and they kind of put me to the side,” Tamako Smith said. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to get another job soon but it’s really been a big help to me.”

This is the first year for the giveaway. They hope to make it an annual tradition and hopes next year they can provide more bikes.

If you weren’t able to donate for the bike giveaway, Mayor Smith-Creer says not to worry. She along with MysitQ Entertainment and the Murphy Arts District are partnering to host the Mayor’s Ball on December 28th.

All of those proceeds will go to a local organization. Visit here for more information about tickets and ways to donate

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