El Dorado man brings electric scooter experience to the community

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EL DORADO, Ark (12/23/19) — Electric scooters made its debut today, thanks to one man in the community.

“I’ve been wanting to bring something in the community and I felt like it would be a good investment to our community down here,” Delvin Aaron said.

Aaron is the man behind bringing the e-scooters to town. He saved up about $8,000 of his own money to purchase 12 scooters to bring the scooter experience to the El Dorado community.

“I’ve been wanting to bring something in the community and I felt like it would be a good investment to our community down here,” Aaron said.

When you download the GOAT scooter app on your phone or tablet, you can see where exactly the scooters are parked. When you’re ready to start moving all you have to do is scan the bar code and you can go anywhere you want to go.

“It’s not just for fun,” Aaron said. “People use them for transportation like going on lunch in the downtown area. They can ride it back and forth.”

The scooters are only allowed downtown. Aaron said he plans to purchase more scooters. Those will be in around the first of the year.

There are several rules the rider must agree to before using:

  • Rider must be at least 18 years of age
  • Rider should inspect the scooter before riding and should not operate it if it has any defects or need repairs
  • Rider should promptly report any damages or malfunctions of the Scooter via the help@ridegoat.com
  • Rider should not exceed the maximum weight limit and shall now allow any other person or child on the scooter
  • Rider should not carry any heavy or large items
  • Rider should not operate the scooter while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Rider should race, do tricks, jumps, take the scooter off-roading or operate the scooter in any other risky or hazardous manner
  • Rider should not use a cell phone or other mobile electronic devices that distracts Rider from operating scooter safely
  • Rider shall be solely and full responsible for the safe operation of the scooter and Rider recognizes and assumes the safety risks in using Scooters, including leading to serious injury to Rider and others
  • The scooter must be locked at the conclusion of the ride and parked upright at a lawful and visible location, not on a private property, and not potentially impeding others or the use of the Scooter by any subsequent riders.
  • Rider shall pay for the use of the scooter at the fee indicated on the mobile app and/or Scooter, and in the even the Rider’s account goes into a negative balance, Ride Goat Inc. may charge Rider’s debit/credit card on file for the outstanding amount

The agreement also said Riders must wear a helmet. Aaron said cities recommend that but it’s not a requirement.

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