Dr. Ken Bridges discusses the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment

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KTVE/KARD (1/8/20) — Several members of the United States Congress are now joining Illinoise Republican Adam Kinzinger’s call for President Trump to be removed from office by invoking the 25th Amendment.

Representative Kinzinger was the first Congressional Republican to openly make this call and he joins others who are calling Vice President Mike Pence and the president’s Cabinet to act immediately.

This follows the violence and rage seen at the Capitol Wednesday that sparked widespread attention from politicians and the American people.

President Trump is being accused of inciting attacks on the Capitol that killed five people including a police officer.

“This is urgent. This is emergency of the highest magnitude,” Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi said.

History and Political Science Professor at South Arkansas Community College, Dr. Ken Bridges, says invoking the 25th Amendment against President Trump is supposed to be a quick process.

The amendment consists of four sections that provide ways to remove a sitting president if he or she is not able to continue mentally or physically.

The president’s power would then be given to the vice-president and he would assume the role as acting president.

“President Trump is still in charge over the military. He’s still in charge of nuclear codes,” Dr. Bridges said.

Invoking the 25th Amendment is action the must be taken by the VP and the 15 member cabinet. which consists of the heads of the executive departments. Neither have publicly announced plans to remove President Trump at all.

Dr. Bridges says President Trump will have a chance to fight that decision.

“The president would have three weeks to contest this. After that three week period, Congress would have to vote the 2/3 majority vote in both houses to sustain the vice president as acting president,” he said.

There are also talks about impeachment if Vice President Pence doesn’t act. Dr. Bridges says this could be a long process that could last well after the January 20th inauguration since the case would have to be taken to trial.

Dr. Bridges says the consequences of President Trump’s actions will last for many years.

“No matter what happens. This issue will be with the country for quite some time,” he said.

Elaine Chao, the transportation secretary, announced her resignation on Thursday afternoon. She is the first Cabinet secretary to resign as a result of the Capitol riots.

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