Crossett woman reunites with lost scrapbook filled with postcards her grandparents sent her 10 years ago

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CROSSETT, Ark. (05/15/20) — After over a decade, a woman has been reunited with an old scrapbook that a stranger found in a pile of free books at the Crossett Library.

Hope Wall was 10 years old when her grandparents decided to travel across the country for their anniversary. Along the way they sent postcards of each stop.

“We would just be waiting by the mailbox because I love my grandparents so much,” Wall said. “They mean absolutely everything to me.”

Her grandparents sent 50 postcards to her, her younger sister and other family members. Wall’s mom decided to keep those cards as a keepsake for the kids to have with them when they grew older.

“If they had been shoved in a shoe box we may have never seen them again,” Wall said. “It was definitely special. I feel like I’m more nostalgic than most human beings so even at a young age having something to remember and look back on was always something very special to me.

Years later, the memento etched with her grandparents handwritings became lost in between a family move.

The scrapbook became a faded memory until she received a message on Mother’s Day from someone who found her lost treasure. That’s when Wall realized it hadn’t gone far.

“Our library has a table. Whenever they are through with books anyone can come by and pick them up,” Holly Wilcox said. “I had my husband swing by because I was doing a scrap booking journal so I was looking for something particular.”

When Wilcox went to the table of free books outside the Crossett Public Library, she didn’t find what she was looking for but she did find a scrapbook of postcards which she could’ve used but the book didn’t seem like something someone would just throw away.

“This was something I definitely could’ve used. I could’ve used the postcards but it was too nostalgic and seemed to be a keepsake to me,” Wilcox said.

She took it home, looked inside and saw there was a name and address in the book. Wilcox went to Facebook to see if she could find the owner and she did.

That’s when she messaged Hope and return it back to her.

“I’m glad I was the vehicle to get her that blessing,” Wilcox said. “I’m sure that book has made a story of itself but it’s back to her and obviously it was meant to be in her possession.”

“I feel like really humbled. I don’t even know how the universe got it back to me,” Wall said. “To have it now after not having it for well over 10 years is incredible.”

Wall’s plans to hold this scrapbook close to her and never let it out of her sight. Her grandparents are still living but this is something she hopes to keep forever to always remember them.

“When they’re long gone many many many years from now, I will have this to look back on this and know that they made this for me. It was done for me.”

Wall’s sister also had a scrapbook filled with postcards but it hasn’t been returned.

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