CROSSETT, Ark. (06/4/20) — The City of Crossett came together to spread a message of unity and love during such a difficult time in this country.

People of different backgrounds and races circled together to try to close the gaps of inequality with hopes of seeing a brighter future in the town.

“I want to see genuine change,” Head Coach of the Boy’s Basketball Team, Dominic Lincoln said. “I want to see people genuinely open up their hearts and their minds and their ears to understand.”

City leaders along with the police department hosted a gathering for the community to process emotions and see each other as human beings.

“It’s got to start somewhere,” Chief J.W. Cruce said.

Chief Cruce hopes to lead that change by holding his department accountable while others admitted it starts within themselves.

“I have white privilege,” Scott Sasser said. “My personal work is to decide what to do with that.”

For Susanna Hogan, mother of five young children, she wants to make sure her kids know that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

“My hope is that one day this is needless,” Hogan said.

Some say the only way that’s going to happen is if we rule out hate and exemplify true love.

“I just feel like for so long we’ve been playing tug of war for years and that’s why we haven’t made any progress because we’ve all been pulling in different directions” Lincoln said.

“We’ve made small progress but imagine how much progress and how much further we could go if we all get on the same side of the rope.”

Chief Cruce hopes to continue hosting community-wide events to build relationships with the public.