Crossett Community bids farewell to beloved Mayor Scott McCormick while social distancing

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CROSSETT, Ark. (04/20/20) — The city of Crossett hasn’t had any public events since COVID-19 but the community came together today for a memorial procession to honor their late mayor.

Honorable Marshall Scott McCormick took his last ride around the town before being laid to rest. The city he loved so dearly was able to be a part of that final and special moment.

“We invited the people to come out along the route,” Interim Mayor, Crystal Marshall said.
“They were welcome in their cars and on the streets just whatever was most comfortable for them.”

Fire trucks and police vehicles escorted the hearse around town to let residents pay their last respects.

Although the funeral was a private service because of the virus, the city says they understood the strong desire for the community to honor the man they loved.

“He meant so much to so many for so long so we really just put our heads together to come up with a solution that would allow us to participate in his final ride through Crossett and just give him the send off that he deserves,” Marshall said.

“It’s just imperative that we keep the community healthy and safe and allow that time for their hearts and their souls to heal as well.”

The route started on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive where some of McCormick’s classmates from Crossett High School’s Class of 1976 met to bid farewell to their esteemed leader and friend. While they mourned, they remained distant.

“With it being Covid19 we were still present with Scott,” Pamela Hughes said.

It’s something his classmates appreciated during a time when there are so many restrictions.

“I felt like we were thought of and this is something Scott would have wanted,” Hughes said. “I know he is smiling upon us for just being out and saying they made it.”

Although he will be missed by many, residents say they are thankful for who he was and what did for the community.

“Scott took take care of this town,” Hughes said. “42 years of service what can you say. Well done our faithful servant.”

A private family service was held at 2 p.m. at Meddars Funeral Home. The service was livestreamed on their Facebook page.

If you would like to leave a brief video condolence for his family, you can visit this link.

City of Crossett remembers Mayor Scott McCormick for his 42 years of service to the community

CROSSETT, Ark. (04/17/20) — The American flag hangs at half staff in the city of Crossett to honor a man who gave so much to the community.

“It’s unprecedented to be elected to five terms,” City Councilwoman Crystal Marshall said. “Not solely in Crossett but really across the nation.”

Scott McCormick’s duties as a public servant began long before he became mayor. He wore a police badge with pride for 20 years at the Crossett Police Department. He became a criminal investigator and earned the ranking as a captain.

“He joined the police department right out of school and everyone called him Z,” Mayor McCormick’s friend, Chester Hunstman said.

The two went to school together in their early years. Hunstman recounts McCormick being a few grade levels above him. Despite the age difference, they continued their friendship throughout life.

Hunstman currently owns Beech Street Bistro, a local restaurant in town. He remembers McCormick offering his assistance during a very stressful time.

“He went over and above just to help us try to get open and I’ll always be grateful that,” he said. “He’s the kind of mayor that you would hope to have in a small town of Arkansas.”

Bill Skains remembers McCormick when they were even younger than high school aged. He described his friend as being very happy and joyful and just like a little brother.

Pictured: Scott McCormick I, Bill Skain’s sister-Sandy, Skains and Scott McCormick II.

“We have been close friends since 1956. We were neighbors,” Skains said. “His parents and mine were best friends. His dad stitched up my chin in 1958 from a bike wreck. I called him Dr. Scott.”

When McCormick became mayor of Crossett in September 1998, the same characteristics that make a great police officer were the same qualities that he demonstrated as mayor. He wasn’t in it for the title or the power. He was in it for the people.

“He was a people person,” Pat Todd said. “Before him I knew the mayors but not like I knew Scott.”

Todd was also great friends with McCormick. She leaned on him quite frequently when it came to community events. She said he was a great listener and always had an open door policy.

“He would listen and we could come to a conclusion and things would happen,” she said. “He was very supportive of any and everything that the community black or white did.”

That’s because he was so heavily involved in the town he loved so dearly. He didn’t pick and choose what events he wanted to go to. He went to them all.

“He always showed up at every event that we invited him to represent the city of Crossett,” Todd said. “Only one time out of 15 years he didn’t come but because he was sick. I thought that was exceptional.”

Marshall described Mayor McCormick as having a sense of tranquility that really made him a great leader. City council meetings can be rather entertaining but he always kept his cool.

“He has an ability to stop and take a step back and listen and think things through before he reacted,” she said, “He was very good at handling controversy and able to work through that and let people come together more at a natural pace.”

Mayor McCormick shared in many firsts and final moments within the community. When he wasn’t acting as mayor he was being a dad, brother, grandfather and friend.

While it’s been difficult coping with the loss of a great man, there’s one thing we can all find solace in and that’s that he now joins his high school sweetheart and beloved wife.

“What a great time for Scott and Mary,” Huntsman said. “Thank you God that you let that guy get back to his love. Let them get back together.”

Workers have put wreaths on all of the city buildings. The city says they are welcoming all ideas from the public to honor Mayor McCormick.

Crossett Mayor Scott McCormick dies of natural causes

(04/16/20)CROSSETT, Ark. (04/16/20) — The Mayor of Crossett died Thursday morning, according to a city council member.

Mayor Scott McCormick passed away of natural causes after battling with a series of health battles recently. He served as mayor for over 20 years and has served on various capacities within the city for over 40 years.

City officials released a statement today:

“It is with heavy hearts we confirm our beloved Mayor Marshall Scott McCormick passed away this morning, Thursday April 16, 2020. Mayor McCormick faithfully served the city of Crossett and its citizens for nearly 42 years.

His tenure began with the Crossett Police Department where he served from September 1, 1978 through September 30, 1998. He earned the rank of captain and was a criminal investigator. He was elected as Mayor of Crossett in November 1998 and reelected to serve and unprecedented four additional terms.

His honorable service extended outside the borders of our community. He was an ambassador for Crossett for 20 years as a member of the Arkansas Municipal League’s Executive Committee, First Class Cities Advisory Council, Public Safety Advisory Council and the Vice President of District 4.

“Mayor Scott McCormick’s 42 years of dedication to Crossett was proof of his love for our community. Not only was he the leader of the city but a friend to employees and citizens alike. His loss will be felt for years to come.”

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