Cleanup underway as many survive tornadoes that ripped through parts of Ashley County

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ASHLEY CO. Ark., (01/13/20) — Three confirmed EF-1 tornadoes ripped through areas in Crossett and one EF-2 tornado was confirmed from Hamburg to Montrose.

The trail of destruction left thousands without power and damaged homes and properties.

“Wow so the damage has been extensive,” Customer Service Manager with Entergy, Chris Cook said.

One tornado was reported in West Crossett. According to representatives from the National Weather Service, the tornado started in the swamp area on the eastern side of Felsenthal and dissipated just before crossing Hancock Rd.

Beulahland Assembly Church sustained moderate roof damage along with two other homes in the area.

The tornado was also tracked along Ashley 299 and Ashley 14.

Those winds traveled 108 mph and spanned approximately 5 miles.

There was another tornado reported in North Crossett. Surveyors say this tornado started just off of Highway 133 and ended just before reaching Highway 8, southeast of Hamburg. The tornado also traveled through Binnis Loop Rd., Highway 52, Highway 425 and Highway 312.

The winds traveled at 100 mph and was on the ground for approximately 11 miles.

The other confirmed tornado in Milo. This tornado started just west of Highway 133 near Ashley 81 and traveled roughly eastward to Highway 425 where ended north of Hamburg.

Trinity Church received roof damage. The main building and covered walkway was blown away.

The Egypt Church on Ashley 497 sustained damage along with many homes in the area.

Winds traveled at 105 mph and was on the ground for approximately 10 miles. There was one confirmed injury the extent of that isn’t known at this time.

Of all the damages, distribution polls and transmission polls were among the debris. Entergy reported that there were 283 broken poles.

In the Lake Village and Montrose area, Cook said there are over 100 distribution poles and transmission poles and countless spans of downed wires.

The Crossett areas also have a significant amount of damage to its utility poles. Cook said all of the various repairs would take quite a bit of time to fix.

“When you think about that and multiply that by 40 or 50 broken polls and the logistics that is involved,” Cook said. “It’s take time. It’s gradual.”

He anticipates Hamburg will receive power between Monday and Tuesday night while some of Crossett may have to wait until Wednesday.

Much of Lake Village has been restored but those still waiting for electricity will likely see power back on by Wednesday as well.

Those near Montrose will have to wait until the end of the week to receive their electricity.

“We won’t be able to energize that substation and get those lights back ON likely until Thursday or late into Friday evening,” Cook said.

Surveyors confirmed an EF-2 tornado from Hamburg to Snyder to Montrose. The details from the survey haven’t been released as of yet.

Mayor Joseph Carlton of Montrose said he’s thankful despite the lengthy time to receive power, he’s thankful no one was hurt.

“I’m glad that he spared the city,” Mayor Carlton said. “That what I’m most grateful for because it could’ve ‘been worse.”

He said any help their small community can get would be appreciated. Many of the residents are having to travel to Lake Village, Crossett and Greenville, Mississippi to lodge. Many can’t afford it.

“It’s putting a hardship on some of our residents especially when you have some with multiple kids. It’s hard,” he said.

Many people from neighboring towns wen to City Hall to drop off cases of water.

“Well, we’re needing water. I’m going to check with the people to see how they’re eating because I know a lot of them can’t cook.”

A local grocery in Crossett is also trying to easy burden for its residents.

Cook asked drivers to be cautions while driving around crews that are working. He also asked for residents to be patient in this process because the workers are working as hard as they can to restore power.

The National Weather Service survey Lake Village today to determine if any tornadoes hit that area.

Possible tornadoes rip through the southeast, no reported injuries

ASHLEY-CHICOT COUNTY Ark. (01/11/19) — Intense winds, heavy rain and possible tornadoes hit several areas in Arkansas early this morning.

Many people said they’ve never witnessed anything like it before.

Parts of Lake Village, Montrose, Snyder, Milo, Hamburg and Crossett all received damage from the gusty winds and heavy downpour of rain.

Here are photos of two homes in Milo. Four trees toppled this trailer home. The owners were able to get out. The other home’s driveway completely blocked by about five oak trees.

Here is some of the damage in Hamburg. The Promise Land Community Center was damaged. There was supposed to be an event but it was rescheduled. There was also a trampoline sitting on top of someone’s home.

Snyder was also hit very hard by the storms. The woman in this home was inside but wasn’t injured. Family members said the winds pulled her out of bed.

Here is some of the damage in Montrose. Several homes received roof damage.

Here is some of the damage in Crossett. The Beuhland Church sustained roof damae. Winds nearly swept away the back of a man’s home though winds did send his carport roof to the pool.

The National Weather Service hasn’t confirmed it was tornadoes that ripped through these small communities. A representative said there will be a team come on Sunday to survey the damage.

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