City council will discuss changing the names of two streets

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UPDATE: EL DORADO, Ark. (2/21/2020) — The El Dorado City Council has proposed a few ideas about renaming two streets that currently have the same name.

In El Dorado, there are two Cooper Drives. One is in a residential area while the other is in the industrial park.

The council has suggested putting up more signage to help differentiate the two or making a small name change from Cooper Drive to Cooper Lane.

The El Dorado mayor has said that they want to hear from residents first before any changes are made.

ORIGINAL: EL DORADO, Ark. (02/20/20) — Confusion has reigned for years about two streets in El Dorado with the exact same name.

Cooper Drive is home to many residents off of Hillsboro Road. In another location, it’s also where many commercial businesses sit in the town’s industrial park.

One resident and his family said the issue has been going on since he’s been living in his home for the past 18 years.

Just this week they saw a truck driver try to come through the narrow road. The driver eventually realized the street didn’t lead to the right location causing him to damage business’ property.

“As they pull forward, they cut across Mr. Blewster’s curve and tore up his grass and his yard and came close to running into Mr. Blewster’s building,” Darrel Thompson said.

Businesses in the industrial park say the truck drivers aren’t the ones to blame.

“The guy that just left here was from California so he has no idea,” President of Polyethylene Containers, Inc., David Hannegan said. “He’s just following what the GPS tells him to do.”

Residents say the confusion is only a hazard for those who live in the neighborhood.

“It’s kind of frustrating especially when you have kids out here.” Thompson said..

Two vehicles can’t pass each other without one having to completely stop for the others. Businesses in the industrial park say they are just as fed up as residents.

“They have to back out in the middle of Hillsboro which creates a dangerous issue with a truck driving out in one of the busiest streets in town,” Hannegan said.

Residents and business owners agree there should be a street name change but there are differing opinions on which street should be renamed.

The El Dorado City Council will discuss the issue at Thursday evening’s city council meeting.

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