LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Nearly $3.5 million is going to Arkansas organizations to help fight the opioid crisis in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership was founded in November, and funds are now being distributed.

“It’s going to help so many people,” said Executive Director at The Wolf Street Foundation, Justin Buck.

A big boost for several organizations across the state, fighting the opioid addiction crisis.

“We are losing almost three people a week to overdose, we have to do something about it,” said Buck.

The Arkansas Opioid Recovery partnership approved almost $3.5 million in general funding, helping local organizations like the Wolf Street Foundation hold training on how to reverse overdoses.

“What it has done for us is remove the red tape, remove all of the bureaucracy and hoops you might have to jump through and get resources to people to make a difference,” said Buck.

According to the Director of the Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership, Kirk Lane, one box of Narcan containing two doses of nasal spray costs about $48.

The $14,000 in funds to the Wolf Street Foundation will go towards purchasing roughly 300 boxes.

Executive Director, Justin Buck, said this is only the beginning.

“We are going to see a lot more coming out of the partnership, I mean there is $216 million coming eventually,” stated Buck.

The partnership is still working to distribute the initial $216 million opioid settlement, and Justin Buck said he can’t wait to see how this saves lives and makes such an impact on Arkansas.