The story contains graphic details. Reader discretion is advised.

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A Springdale man was arrested Thursday after he drove past police while dragging two dogs behind an SUV. 

Around 7:10 p.m. Thursday, Springdale police officer Ricardo Rojo was on a scene filling out a police report when a “large SUV” driven by Leonardo Barboza, 49, of Springdale, was approaching the officer’s location.

Leonardo Barboza, 49, of Springdale booked into the Washington County Jail. | Courtesy: Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Officer Rojo said in a police report he noticed two dogs behind the SUV. One was a bi-colored Huskey that was fighting against the SUV. 

Rojo didn’t realize the dog was being dragged until the SUV passed the officer. The second dog was white and appeared to have broken free from the rope and was following the SUV. 

The person Rojo was talking to for the police report “gasped in horror” and asked the officer to help.
Rojo got into the police cruiser and stopped the SUV. When Rojo approached the driver and asked what he was doing, Barboza told the officer, “Just walking them.”

While Rojo was talking with Barboza, he noticed the Huskey tied to the SUV was limping quite badly. All four of the Huskey’s paws were severely injured and bleeding.

The officer said in the report, it appeared the dog’s pads were completely worn. The second dog’s paws appeared to have had previous injuries judging by the light redness.

Rojo took Barboza into custody and transported him to the Washington County jail for cruelty to animals.
Barboza posted a $1,500 bond and was released Friday. His court date is set for October 19.