ARKANSAS (KTVE/KARD)–A lawsuit was filed against Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Learns Act in early May.

Sanders appeared on the Dave Elswick show on Wednesday, May 31, to discuss the lawsuit.

“At the end of the day, the legislation has been passed. But what this group is doing is holding up and putting the kids futures, teachers futures on hold, and it is preventing the pay raises that will literally change some teachers lives. It’s stopping and putting on hold. Maternity leave for our teachers. It is putting on hold safety trainings that would be taking place right now and over the course of the next several weeks ahead of school, there are a number of things that this does, none of which are helpful…

“…And certainly, I think put a lot of our students and our teachers in jeopardy by slowing down this process that we know is ultimately inevitable. And this law is going to go into effect. But it just puts turmoil that’s unnecessary into people’s lives,” explained Sanders.

Listen to her full response below:

Arkansas Governor Sanders responds to recent lawsuit filed against Learns Act.