LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Little Rock family is asking for justice after their loved one was killed in a car crash on New Year’s Eve.

The Little Rock Police Department said that LRPD Southwest Patrol officers responded to a two-vehicle collision at the intersection of 65th Street and Geyer Springs Road on Dec. 31, 2022.

LRPD said that the passenger, Cassandra Harris, died at the scene, while one driver suffered a broken arm and a concussion. The driver of the second vehicle sustained minor injuries.

The family of Harris said they believe she was killed by a drunk driver when the car crash happened. Harris’s mother Sharon said before she drove to the location of the car crash, she was on the phone with Harris.

“We were talking and they [Harris and family] were joking with each other,” Sharon Harris said. 

Harris says that all changed when she got a call about her daughter being in a car accident.

“In the next 15 minutes we got that call that said that she was in a car accident,” Harris said.

Harris said her daughter’s death has been difficult for the whole family to cope with.

“It’s been very hard because this is the third child I lost,” Harris said.

She also said she and her family members believe a driver who was under the influence is responsible for the crash and wants everyone to be more careful when on the road.

“What I would like to see happen is that people stop drinking and driving,” Harris said.

Raven Jackson is the niece of Cassandra and said this year and the ones that follow won’t be the same without her.

“I’m just like I’m over the new year already,” Jackson said.

Harris said she misses her daughter more than anything in the world.

“She loved everybody. She got along with everybody right now, it’s just kind of hard,” Harris said.

LRPD said that the investigation is ongoing. The department also said that both drivers also provided a urine sample for toxicology testing in accordance with State Law.

Officers said that information won’t become available until case information is reviewed by a prosecutor and that at this point in the investigation, no charges have been filed pending a comprehensive review.

As for Harris’s family, they hope to have answers soon and bring justice to their loved one.