LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Following Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ inaugural address on Tuesday, the Democratic Party released a statement responding to the newly sworn-in governor.

The Democrats of Arkansas opened their statement congratulating Sanders for making history by becoming the first female governor in Arkansas history, noting that it was a proud milestone for many.

“No one can deny that electing the first woman to serve as Governor is a proud milestone. This moment is bittersweet for many women as Governor Sanders’s party denies women the opportunity to start a family how, when, and where they want,” the statement said.

Arkansas Democrats were critical in their statement on Sanders, saying that the message she sent in her inaugural address was not one of unity. They were also critical of her statements on indoctrination in schools.

“The beginning of Governor Sanders’s term will also be remembered for attacking Arkansas schools for “indoctrination,’ a charge she has repeatedly levied against Arkansas teachers,” the statement said. “Arkansas Democrats stand with our teachers and know they are first and foremost much too busy grading papers, buying their own supplies, and making lesson plans to indoctrinate anyone.”

Though the statement was mostly critical of Sanders, there was still some praise for the new governor, specifically when it came to her support of teacher pay.

“We celebrate her call to raise teacher salaries and call on the legislature to send a clean teacher pay bill to the governor’s desk without delay,” the statement said. “We are also encouraged by her support of expanding pre-K and improving literacy scores, but know that stripping our schools of revenue through even more tax cuts for the very wealthy will imperil these essential initiatives.”

The Arkansas Democrats ended the statement by saying they were prepared to move forward and work towards a better Arkansas during the 94th General Assembly.