EL DORADO, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) — A new technology at the El Dorado High School is taking education to a whole new level.

The district recently purchased an anatomage table which has so far been a game changer for junior and senior level students taking anatomy and physiology.

“You can’t get much more realistic in a high school anatomy class than this right here. It’s just another step,” Ben Humphreys said.

The advanced 3D anatomy visualization and virtual dissection system is a tool that some Greys Anatomy fans have seen on some of the episodes.

Now, a similar one sits in the heart of Mr. Hinton Foster’s classroom.

“It’s completely revolutionary. The structures and things they are able to see. The differences in all of the parts of the human body,” Foster said.

“Just to be able to compare it, degenerating tissue of something that is actually fresh just in a virtual world, I don’t think students can get that kind of education from other places.”

The life-size virtual table is 7 feet long and offers a wide variety of touch screen learning options for students including over 10,000 real examples of issues with the body that students get a real in depth view of.

They can tap on even the smallest parts of the body and are able to look at each nerve, lymph node, organ and muscle. Hinton says its a drastic learning experience from using a skeleton model.

“It opens doors. It opens pathways that I don’t think anyone can get unless they are going to a top tier medical school and now we have that one here,” he said.

For a teenager who wants to be a dental hygienist and who is already getting some experience in that field, Camille Terry says this table is really giving her a head start to achieving her goals.

“It’s cool to be able to go from there and take it onto the table and say yeah I saw that,” she said.

Virtual students also get to take part in the technology as well.

They aren’t able to physically touch the virtual table unless they are in the classroom but they do have access to the model at home where they are able to manipulate and rotate the virtual structure.

You can learn more information about this anatomage table here.