CAMDEN, Ark. (06/25/20) — It’s the one year anniversary since Camden police officers found 20-year-old, Alyssa Cannon and her 4-year-old son, Braydon Ponder, murdered inside their home.

Time hasn’t eased any of Angela Cannon’s sorrows after she lost her daughter and grandson. She says neither of them had a chance to fulfill their greatest potential.

“She had so many hopes and dreams and all he did was drag her down and crush everyone of them,” said.

Alyssa and Braydon were found beaten to death three days after they were last seen by friends and family. Police are looking for Jory Worthen. He’s been on the run since the murders took place.

“I just feel like it’s not as fresh on everyone’s minds as it was in the beginning and I don’t want people to forget them and I don’t want people to forget that Jory is still out there,” Angela said.

The Camden Police Department says the case has weighed heavy on its lead detective, Lieutenant Moore. She has been working with the U.S. Marshals daily to investigate any possible leads and figure out different angles to pursue.

There have been many possible sightings of Worthen in Georgia, Alaska and even Canada. Alyssa and Braydon’s story was televised on a nationally televised show, In Pursuit with John Walsh, but that coverage still hasn’t led to anything substantial.

“We got hundreds of tips come in and we have followed every single one of those but it always come down to it’s not him,” Public Information Officer, Dana Wetherbee said.

Family members say Worthen may not look like the guy you see in the pictures but he does have one tattoo on his hand that can’t be covered up.

“Anybody that’s wearing a glove on just maybe one hand where his eye tattoo is definitely call it in,” Alyssa’s best friend, Desiree Boggus said.

“Long sleeves can cover up the other ones but he would have to have a glove to cover up that one,” Angela said.

The family is encouraging anyone that thinks that may see him in public to take a picture. They’re grateful for their local friends and even those across the country who have been working non-stop to make sure an arrest is made.

“I would like to thank Tracy Gonzalez for everything she’s been doing, Paul Michael with Bikers Against Abuse and Andrea Potter,” Angela said. “They have really been a blessing to our family.”

Police say any information even the smallest bit can help in this case. There is still a $7,000 reward for anyone who has information that can lead to an arrest.