WWII Veteran celebrates his 102nd birthday in style

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EL DORADO, Ark. KTVE/KARD (4/6/21) — Mr. Arthur Winright celebrated 102 years of living on April 5 and he did so in the most fashionable way.

His family gathered up other loved ones for a birthday parade to wish him many more years of life.

Winright, a World War II veteran, was drafted in the war when he was 21 years old.

100-year-old veteran remembers fallen soldiers

(05/27/19) As another Memorial Day comes to a close, one World War II Veteran is reflecting on his war experiences and the comrades who have gone on before him. 

“A lot of times I get to thinking back and think of their name,” Arthur Winright said.

Winright was drafted in the war when he was 21 years old. Just like his buddies, coming home was always the daily goal but not everyone made it back alive.

“It was rough, you didn’t know whether you were going to make it or not make it,” Winright.

He is now a 100-year-old veteran who still remembers those day he saw his fellow soldiers die in the line of duty.

Witnessing such tragic events got easier over time for him, but the thought of losing some of his best friends never escaped. 

“Your mind changes after so long of a time,” Winright said. “At first, it was kind of hard to take it and understand it.”

During the war, Winright was apart of the calvary unit, one of the most mobile ways of fighting in combat. He remembers marching and always having to keep a watchful on his surroundings.

“We had to lay down in the fox holes and dodge those bullets,” he said.

Winright forever cherishes the memories of his buddies and others who died trying to fight for our country.

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