Arkansas church host drive-in worship service due to COVID-19 outbreak


CROSSETT, AR (03/22/20)– A local church in Crossett Arkansas is utilizing the radio, their cars, and, social distancing as the coronavirus restricts them from worshiping in their building.

This Sunday, church looked a little different for Jarvis Chapel Baptist Church as the congregation stayed in their cars. Pastor Lloyd Gibbs preached outside and those in their cars listened over the radio.

“We want to keep some type of a community, even if it’s at a distance,” said Lloyd Gibbs, Pastor at Jarvis Chapel Baptist Church.

While the church is practicing social distancing, “Amens” have become honks and pastor Gibbs preached to a congregation of trucks and cars.

As the drive-in church service is a unique and unusual method, Gibbs says they don’t need a building to worship. Praise can take any form and any shape.

“If we are called to be the light of the world, then that means even in dark times like this, we have to shine. This is one way. Stopping all worship wasn’t really an option,” said Pastor Gibbs.

He says they believe God can use this situation for those who may have never stepped foot in a church to be encouraged to tune in.

“Listen, God has used a lot of strange things in the bible, he used a talking donkey, he used a big fish who swallowed a man, he can use the virus to bring about change,” said Pastor Gibbs.

As locals watch church through their windshields and listen through the radio, they are sacrificing their normal to protect their community from COVID-19.

Jarvis chapel baptist church will be having it’s drive-in church service again. Visitors just bring their cars to the church parking lot and tune into FM 90.5. For those who are wanting to stay home can join a conference call at 617- 829- 6178.

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