Answering the call: Sterlington Pharmacist creates hand sanitizer to address shortage


STERLINGTON, La. — Parkway Pharmacy, nestled off of Highway 165 in Sterlington, provides all your pharmaceutical and compounding needs. However, with the rapid spread of COVID-19 the pharmacy took on a new challenge.

“With this epidemic, I realized the need of hand sanitizer has increased drastically.”​​

Doctor of Pharmacy Lateef Odeyemi | Parkway Pharmacy

Parkway’s day to day operation has changed, “Gradually people have been taking precautions, staying home. For Parkway Pharmacy we do delivery so we’ve been doing more delivery/home delivery. Encouraging everyone to stay safe,” said Doctor of Pharmacy Lateef Odeyemi.​​

So he went to the drawing board and started whipping up a new prescription starting with it’s main ingredient, high grade alcohol.​​

“It’s what the FDA recommends and we test it, we do the quality control to make sure the hand sanitizer is up to standard. And some other secret ingredients, that’s my secret, but it’s some good product.”​​

Doctor of Pharmacy Lateef Odeyemi | Parkway Pharmacy

The response from customers, “Great, great, it’s been fantastic. I’ve had orders from two hours away,” said Odeyemi.​​ He says at this time, it’s important to be realistic and focus on what’s important.​​

“A lot of people have been going crazy about the masks and other stuff and yeah they all help, but most importantly the hygiene starts with you, make sure you wash your hands and it between it’s not going to hurt to use the hand sanitizer.”​​

Doctor of Pharmacy Lateef Odeyemi | Parkway Pharmacy

Odeyemi believes if we all do our part this pandemic can be over soon.​​

“Together I believe strongly we all have to fight this together and it all starts from individuals,” he said.

Parkway Pharmacy’s hand sanitizer’s can be purchased at the store or by free delivery.

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