GARDENDALE, Texas (Nexstar) – Animals need some love too on Valentine’s Day. A Gardendale woman is trying to find her pet donkey a special companion. He’s a donkey whose name is Donkey.

Linda Montgomery said her donkey has been really sad after his special friend, a sheep passed away. Now, she’s doing everything she can to help him be happy again.

“He’s just a card … I mean I think that he’s got a lot to give and he would make pretty babies,” said Montgomery.

Donkey has been with Montgomery and her family for the past two years.

“When we acquired Donkey, he kind of came with a sheep,” she said.

Montgomery said when she got Donkey from a local feed store, she had to take his friend sheep, whose name was Sheep.

“Those two were bonded [and] they were together all the time just because the donkey is so small and she was his size – so they were friends,” she said.

Sadly, Sheep passed away about two months ago.

“They had been together for several years and he got pretty sad,” said Montgomery.

Now, she is looking for a special friend for Donkey in hopes of cheering him up.

“I decided to see if we could find him a jenny [which is] a female to see if we can get him a friend,” she said.

She is even willing to buy or take in a donkey from someone who can no longer take care of it.

“If you got a donkey and you are unable to feed it, don’t be ashamed or anything, we would like to have it and we will pick it up as well,” she said.

So, what makes Donkey the perfect soulmate?

“He’s a sweetheart … he’s a character [and] he doesn’t realize he’s a miniature donkey  and the horses will pick on him,” said Montgomery. “He will bite at their kneecaps and stick up for himself … he’s funny.”

In other word, he will protect his special friend and make sure they’re okay. Montgomery said she cares for animal from the kindness of her heart so they can live out the rest of their lives on her property.

“It does our heart good to know that we can help somebody out by taking their animal off of them and they don’t have to give it up to the humane society or have the sheriff’s department come and pick it up,” she said.

Right now, Montgomery and her family care for three horses, one bull and of course, Donkey the donkey.

“You know these guys …. when we get off of work and stuff and if we had a tough day … we come out with these guys, and they just really settle you down,” Montgomery said.

She said thankfully, all the animals get along and the number one thing she and her family can provide them … is love.

If you think you have the perfect match for Donkey or of know someone who does and want to let Linda know… you can email her at