WINNSBORO, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The first female has been elected as the Mayor of Winnsboro.

Mayor elect Alice Wallace’s vision is bringing about change for the City of Winnsboro.

“It’s my plan to go in and make Winnsboro a better place to live.” Says Mayor-elect, Alice Wallace. 

“And the things that the mayor has done that are alright, I want to continue about those things.” She added. 

According to the results for the 2022 Louisiana Municipal Runoff Election held on Saturday, April 30, Wallace defeated John C. Dumas with 886 votes to 874 votes. 

“We have a clean audit. We have a balanced budget. Those things are awesome.” Wallace explained. 

A clean audit that will allow the new administration further its goal to improve the quality of life in Winnsboro.

Wallace plans to bring about youth outreach to tackle the crime issues in the city by bringing jobs that will pay more than the minimum wage. 

“I think that, if we have jobs here that pay, then the crimes will be cut down. A lot of the crime problems we have is because they don’t have the income. We don’t have the revenue here.” Wallace explained. 

A local Winnsboro resident says more job opportunities will keep the youth from getting in trouble. 

“Get them some jobs or something. Keep them busy. Keep them out of trouble.” Says Anthony Ross. 

In addition to job opportunities, Wallace aims to bring more recreational areas to the city. 

“We don’t have any other alternatives, they have to go to Monroe or other places for recreation. We don’t have it, and that has not been a focus point of the current administration.” Says Wallace. 

Another local resident says there is still a lot more to be done in the city.

“No matter who the Mayor is, as long as you get to do the job for the town and us people.” Says Kevin Pleasant.  

For now, Wallace says she wants to work with the people who voted for her and against her. 

“I wanna make Winnsboro a better place to live. I want to be the mayor for all the people, and I can’t win if I don’t talk to the people, and I’m going to all of them. 

Alice Wallace is expected to take office on July 1st.