Alcohol sales increased in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic


WEST MONROE, LA (5/26/20)– Due to COVID-19, alcohol sales are booming.
More Louisianan’s are drinking local Louisiana wines as restaurants, clubs, and bars have been closed. In result, consumers picked their drinks up at grocery stores.

“So our sales through our wholesalers have gone up significantly. Maybe 20 to 40 percent. That is starting to come back down now,” said Jeff Landry, owner of Landry Vineyards.

As people head back to work and restaurants open up, the whole sales percentage will return back to normal. However, Jeff Landry, owner of Landry Vineyards, says COVID-19 did leave an impact on their direct consumer sales as tasting rooms and events were canceled.

“It did definitely hurt our direct consumer sales. A small producer like ourselves, we defiantly do rely on a big significant part of our sales coming directly from the consumer,” said Landry.

Landry says they have been able to keep up with the demand. Their bottling machine can do 11,000 to 12,000 bottles of wine an hour. In addition, Landry says they planted 2 more acres this year and plan to increase their purchase of grapes.

“We haven’t had trouble keeping up as of yet. We haven’t run out of anything or any of our wines. We are actually working on wines that we would have sold later in the year, that we are selling right now,” said Landry.

Landry believes there was an increase in alcohol sales as people lost jobs, became worried about the future, or maybe just wanted to relax.

“But also people just being at home, If you have idle time and your together with your family, a lot of people drink a little bit, drink a little wine, drink a little beer,” said Landry.

As the use of alcohol increases during COVID-19, Jeff Landry says it’s important to remember moderation and knowing your limits

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