Alabama officials are looking into a possible case of bird flu. The poultry breeder, Aviagen, has culled the flock due to the fears.

A week ago some 90,500 chickens were culled over infections at two commercial operations across the border in Tennessee.

A start up has created chicken strips in a lab.

Memphis meats says people who have eaten it say it tastes like the real thing.

Some scientists and animal-welfare activists are all behind the idea, as the products could potentially replace the billions of cattle, hogs and chickens that are normally used.

President Trump says his administration will re-evaluate the Obama era rules on fuel economy.

The move may slow investment in electric cars.

Industry executives argue that the Obama-era fuel efficiency targets are too stringent.

UPS is stepping up its investment in natural gas.

It will build an additional six compressed natural gas fueling stations and add more natural gas-fueled vehicles to its fleet.

Cheerios is getting into the ‘Save the Bees’ campaign.

Cheerios is sending free wildflower seeds to anyone who signs up on their website to help save the bees.

Last week, General Mills said it would replace the Buzzy Bee on Honey Nut Cheerios with a blank space to draw attention to disappearing bee colonies.