President Donald Trump may have just opened the door to $17 billion dollars worth of energy projects.

With executive orders, he resurrected a number of oil and gas projects.

Those include the controversial Keystone pipeline and Dakota pipeline projects and he signed a separate order making sure those projects were done using US steel.

Those in the agriculture industry are trying to figure out where to go now since the trans pacific trade partnership died.

Reuters reports that farm groups are urging the Trump administration to find alternative ways to boost shipments to the countries that would have been part of the trade deal.

Meanwhile, President Trump has instituted media bans at the USDA and EPA.

Basically employees can’t send out press releases or provide information on social media for the time being.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said when there’s a new administration that takes office, it’s not surprising they would review the policies.

The first genetically modified, non-browning apples will soon go on sale in the United States.

The fruit, sold sliced and marketed under the brand arctic apple, could hit a cluster of mid-western grocery stores as early as February 1.

The limited release is an early test run for the controversial apple, which has been genetically modified to eliminate the browning that occurs when an apple is left out in the open air.

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