Ag and Energy Report for February 17th


Oil ended up losing ground as hopes over Saudi Arabia and Russia leading an oil production cut faded.

Meanwhile, nearly 35 percent of publicly traded oil and gas exploration and production companies around the world, about 175 firms, are at high risk of falling into bankruptcy, the auditing and consulting firm Deloitte reported.

Organic meat and milk differ markedly from their conventionally produced counterparts in measures of certain nutrients.

In particular, the study from the European commission, says it found levels of omega-3 fatty acids, beneficial for lowering the risk of heart disease, were 50 percent higher in the organic versions.

However, the question of whether these differences are likely to translate to better health in people who eat organic meat and drink organic milk is sharply disputed.

Marijuana sales are growing but banks are still nervous about lending money to companies that deal in cannabis.

So there are start up lenders looking to fill that void.

The start ups have been putting together software that helps banks and dispensaries monitor and record transactions.

And the parmesan cheese you sprinkle on your pasta could be wood.

The FDA says it’s found some cheese sellers were doctoring the cheese with wood pulp and other fillers and selling it to the country’s biggest grocery stores.

Of all the popular cheeses in the U.S., the hard Italian varieties are the most likely to have fillers because of their expense.

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