CAMDEN, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) – Three teenagers from Camden, Arkansas have become the heroes of their town after saving the life of a woman from a fiery crash on Dec 13. 

“As soon as I saw a car in a ditch, and there was like a small flame, I was like, I know something is not right.” Says 16-year-old Shelby Price. 

“So my immediate thought was to just stop the car and just run over there as fast as I could. And when I got over there they both tried to pull her out.” Says Price.  

“You could tell by the sound of her voice that, the very few words that she spoke, she wanted to be out.” Says one of the other teenagers, 15-year-old Remi Kay Harper. 

The Arkansas State Police confirmed the driver inside the car is Rena Thomas of Camden. 

Officials say this was a single vehicle crash, and she was later airlifted to Little Rock. 

“That woman never yelled at any pain. I think it was a relief for her to get out of that car.” Says Harper.  

“I wouldn’t have wanted to start my morning in any other way. If I have to go back to that day, I wouldn’t change it.” She added. 

If there is something these three friends learned from each other, they say it is the bravery and courage they share for others. And they say they will most definitely do it again. 

“Yes ma’am, in a heartbeat, I would.”  Says 16-year-old Hayden Bussell. 

“ The way it makes me feel is I’m just glad that we were there to help and get her out to safety. I know we did the right thing.” Says Bussell. 

“The way I think about that is you always need to help others as you were in that situation and you needed the help because the car can always be fixed but a life can’t be brought back.” Says Price.