Also known as the “newest oldest place in town,” the Edgewood Plantation in Farmerville is the place to go to for a quick get-a-way, but you might hear something spooky in the middle of the night or wake up to a surprise.

“Things will get moved to places that i didn’t leave them at or sometimes they will be misplaced. On this weekend, things happen and we have a lot of people that will stay to see if things happen,” according to Kay Carroll.

Jefferson and Nancy Baughman built the Queen Anne Victorian style home and bell tower in 1902.

In 2010, Pat and Kay Carroll bought the house and went through more than 3 years of remodeling to restore the “haunted” plantation, ut even the Carroll’s have woken to the sounds of the past.

“Finally after we had stayed here a few years, I asked him one day, ‘Do you ever hear music in the middle of the night?’ and he said, ‘Yes.’ and I said ‘Thank God because I do too.'”

Visitors will even see what they believe are people–in the form of spirits– outside of the plantation when no one is home.

“She swears she has seen an elderly lady standing in the back with two doves. Now at that time we did not have any doves,” says Kay Carroll.

Now, the “spirits” are friendly and plenty of events are held without a hitch.