A petition for improvements or a recall for the Mayor of Richwood?


RICHWOOD, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Local residents in the town of Richwood say they did not know they signed a petition for the recall of the Mayor Gerald Brown. Instead they were told the petition was for the upkeep of Richwood and to make it a better town. 

A resident of Richwood, Wendy Byrd says, ”It was falsely presented because when they come to you with it, they was like, we gone put the lights up, get the highways lit up and get extra patrols. It was never said, that it was a recall petition for the Mayor and I’m quite sure if that part had been said, It’s a lot of people that signed, wouldn’t have signed it.”

Mayor of Richwood, Gerald Brown says, ”These kind of things, this kind of news, instead of us working on things that are truly important. Trying to make things better. All of of us have to spend time talking about a petition that’s basically just dividing the people.” 

Byrd says, ”If I choose to say I want to recall the Mayor, let me decide that for myself. You don’t decide that for me. Then you go turn in a petition and I don’t see till it’s on TV, it’s a recall. You then tried to recall the Mayor and that’s not what you told us.”

Local residents that did not want to go on camera said that certain members of the board tricked the residents in the town of Richwood, because they knew they needed a certain amount of signatures to recall the Mayor Gerald Brown.

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